Essential Oils


What are essential oils?

We’ve been using them for centuries, essential oils are Mother Nature’s solutions. They are naturally occurring aromatic compounds that are found in plants and extracted during a careful distillation process.

Using your oils to create a low-tox, high-vibe lifestyle

Using essential oils is fun and easy. With essential oils you can;

●      Inhale the lovely aroma to lift your mood, boost concentration and relieve stress

●      Diffuse your oils to create a soothing environment

●      Create yummy natural recipes

●      Make your own non-toxic beauty products

●      Replace toxic chemicals and cleaners in your home

●      Support sore muscles and scratches

Why we choose doTERRA

Partnering with the purest grade oil company in the world was an easy choice. Harvesting and distilling essential oils should be done with the utmost care, gentleness, and purity - and that’s exactly how doTERRA work.

We want the best for you and your family. doTERRA oils are all strictly tested using the CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® quality protocol.

Simply check out the Source To You website for more information on what makes their purity and quality different from off the shelf essential oils.

Tiny bottles that make a global impact

Choosing to use doTERRA oils not only supports yourself and your family with natural health solutions, it opens up the opportunity to help those who truly need our support.

doTERRA have founded The Healing Hands Foundation - an inspired initiative that seeks to bring healing and hope to the world by supporting and empowering impoverished communities. Knowing the positive impact that your essential oils are making, from the growers & harvesters, all the way to your home makes them that much more wonderful.

The Cheapest & Easiest Way to Buy Your dōTERRA Oils

Buying a Wholesale Starter/Enrolment Kit is the most popular and cheapest way to start using dōTERRA Essential Oils. Nearly everyone buys a kit, and 90% of people choose the Home Essentials Kit for it’s unreal value and versatility. With any kit, you also receive:

  • 5%-55% discount on all future orders
  • Free personal education from us, our private facebook group, and access to many many educational resources and education so you can safely and confidently use your oils with your family
  • No monthly minimum order and no obligation to sell oils or create a business
  • Access to free products & bonuses, and free shipping



OR Head to

Step 2: Click 'Join and Save'

Step 3: Select your Language & Country of Residence

Step 5: Choose Wholesale Customer or Wellness Advocate

Step 6: Fill out the application with your personal information (if you don't have an ABN just leave it blank)

Step 7: At Enroller ID, make sure my number 3508028 is displayed then click verify to see my name (Ellen McNeil).

Step 8: Select the enrolment kit you would like (and waive the joining fee) or choose your single oils and add your 'Welcome Introductory Packet for $35 (this is your membership).

[Make sure to add a bottle of 'fractionated coconut oil' to your order so you can start to create blends and apply the oils safely to your body]

Step 10: Select continue. Enter your credit card details and submit your order!


Once you enrol I will send you an email welcoming you. I'll add you to our online support group, which means you'll get monthly updates on Product of the Month and any doTERRA specials and bonuses.


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