The two float tanks at Well Soul Studio are dream-pods. Each is located in individual space, a room designed to create a beautiful environment with greatly reduced stimuli. Each of the two Pod rooms includes a  private shower.

The Tanks themselves are almost entirely light and sound proof. Floating also removes the sensation of gravity. Sensory deprivation.

Many first time floaters wonder if floating will be difficult for them. The water is supersaturated with 500kg of Epsom salt (magnesium) which allows you to float on top of the water with no effort at all.

We understand that the floating experience can be new and unchartered territory for some, however there are many options with how you float. Our warm and knowledgeable staff are happy to answer any questions you may have to enable you optimise your float experience.

When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive - to breath , to think, to enjoy, to love.


It may be a new adventure, and anticipating that first float can be mind-boggling. Taking this step requires trust in the water, however, preparation can go a long way to making your first float an amazing experience for mind, body and soul.  Preparation is very important and will contribute to a really positive experience. Well Soul Studio recommends arriving 15 minutes before your first appointment, allowing time for us to show you how the float tank works, to sign the consent form, turn off your phone, and to use the bathroom.

Before your first float



Schedule it on a day where you won’t feel pressed for time. You want to be free to process the experience. Subsequently, slipping one in between errands can work, and can even give you a boost on a busy day.


·       It’s fine to watch videos or read about other people’s experiences. But don’t go in expecting to see or feel the same. Every experience is different. The important thing is, don’t compare your float to anyone else’s. Your mind and body are unique, and the same goes for your float.

Ask questions

·       Pay attention to your pre-float briefing. Tips on how to find a comfortable position can get you into the meditative zone quicker. Ask if you’re nervous about anything – the more comfortable you feel, the easier it is to relax.

Remove all jewellery

We provide a lovely container to store your precious pieces.

Remove oils from skin and hair

We require you to shower prior to floating. Only use shampoo and body wash, we provide these or you can bring along your own. Conditioner is not to be used before floating as the oils can affect the quality of the water in the tank.

If you have any cuts or scrapes

Well Soul Studio provide Vaseline to prevent the cut from stinging. Using this is your choice.


Well Soul provides towels, make up remover, hair dryer, shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. Please feel able to bring any of these personal care items of your own that you may want to use after your float.

Well Soul Studio also provide ear plugs. It is your choice if you wear earplugs, as it is your ears which will be under water. Using the ear plugs can help maximise the sensory deprivation aspect of floating and prevent salty water from entering the ear canal. Many people float without earplugs, it’s up to you.  


The Float

Getting past the unknown and to the wonder of the float is an adventure. Following is a simple but important guide to your first float.

First Time floater Tips!

  • Put the ear plugs in before showering, it helps it get a better seal
  • After showering and before you get in the tank, dry your face off. This will prevent you from touching your face with salty hands! 
  • Expect anything - even if you floated 100 times each one may always be a little different.

When entering the tank, you will see two buttons: green for lights and red to communicate with your Well Soul Studio float guide during your session. These only require a light touch.

When you first enter the tank, be careful not to get salt water in your eyes but if you do, there is a spray bottle ……. Where … on the side of tank? Use it to rinse your eyes.

It is common to have trouble completely relaxing at the beginning of your first float. Once you familiarise yourself with the experience, and environment, a deeper state of relaxation will follow.

As you near the end of your session, music will play (and a voice will let you know when the session has actually ended).

Stand up slowly – allowing yourself to adjust. Once you feel grounded, step carefully out of the tank and into the shower. Make use of the beautiful body wash, shampoo, and conditioner provided.

We also recommend thoroughly rinsing including your ears to remove any excess salt.


During your float


When you manage to move carefully, the water stays calm too. As you become more confident or experienced the sensation of finding it difficult to identify where the body begins and the water ends can be strong.

Here the sensation of weightlessness begins. Leaving the lights on is your choice, however, darkness, which can initially be a little unsettling can allow the imaginative mind to take centre stage. 

It’s just you and the silence…or does your brain suddenly sound like the local primary school playground during lunch? It takes time and practice to quiet your mind. Don’t panic if you feel restless. A productive way to start is to focus on your breathing – try a’ breathe in, breathe out’ mantra in your head as your body breathes in and out. Or adapt the yoga nidra approach, silently speaking to every part of your body from head to toe, one by one, to relax.

Go with the flow
It’s OK if your mind is still active. Let your thoughts come and go. Think of your brain as a computer – it takes time to shut down all the ‘open’ programs. Eventually, you move to a more relaxed and can even enter a prolonged theta state. A place we rarely access, normally only achieved after long periods of meditation. Here, you experience a boost in problem-solving capabilities, creativity, and vivid mental imagery. Suppressed emotions or memories may arise, and you may also access your subconscious. Every float trains your brain to get here quicker.

Keep an open mind
It’s the only way new ideas can get in. At the base level, the tank gives you quality downtime without any effort. If you approach it with an open mind, you can also make it your tool for contemplation and growth.

Anything of any value is created only by a period of isolated concentration
— Cal Newport


Leave us as a Well Soul: in body, mind and Spirit

Take it all in
Avoid jumping back into the chaos immediately. Spend ten minutes or so in the exit lounge to absorb the experience and move into whatever is next for you. Whether you emerge energised, totally relaxed or somewhere in that mix, with a clear head, you may be surprised at your actions.

Pay attention in the days (or weeks) after your float. Maybe it’s in your actions, the way you react or your ability to relax or get a fulsome night’s sleep after weeks of disturbed nights. Reflecting or journaling may help you figure out how floatation works best for you. Perhaps you may find you are suited for an early morning float because you feel energised after; prepared to easefully mange the events of the day. This may hold true if you see yourself as an owl rather than a lark.

Build on it
Be a little disciplined, clarity of mind and inner calm isn’t something you just pick up. The float tank provides you an opportunity to rest, build calm, and find focus, however you are the enabler. Where these



Single Float:

60 min $75

90 min $95

120 min $110



10 x 60 min floats $550 (can be shared $55 each)

5 x 60 min floats $350 ($60 each )


- Intro Special -

3 x 60 min float $160 ( 1 limit per customer)

3 month expiry


Allow 75 min per float

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9am -6pm  Monday to Friday

By appointment after hours or weekends


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