Welcome to Well Soul Studio

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Well Soul Studio, is situated in Echuca-Moama and has a vision to build on, and complement the existing health community through awareness and partnerships.

Chiropractic care, Yoga, Massage, Float facilities, general health education workshops, as well as bespoke events are offered by interested, qualified and caring members of our community.

Well Soul Studio is a place where the curious can investigate avenues of health and self, and where the firsthand benefits of moving the body, caring for the body, integrating the mind and being are seen daily. The quality this can add to life is at times immeasurable.

For treatment injury, alleviation of tension, or all-important self-care, Well Soul Studio is a wonder-filled space in which to learn, unwind and totally enjoy the laughter and love.

Take notice of the energy as you walk into the beautifully crafted Well Soul space.